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Resources International has closed it's doors

as of January 1, 2019.  After 50 years in the marine industry, Gordon has decided to retire.

Vessels that are listed for sale will remain

active until June 30, 2019.



The business is currently for sell. 

Only serious offers will be considered. 

Please send a letter of interest to:

John Graham

PO Box 824

Vaughn, WA  98394



Did you hear that song clip?  That is a song called "Tollycraft, Tollycraft Take Me Away".
It was made by the Tollycraft staff back in the 1970's and was originally used for advertising.
The Tolly staff always had a cruiser or fish boat at their disposal.  Dale Johnston, Sales Mangers and
Gordon Graham, Purchasing Manager came up with the idea to use the song as punishment for the staff if
they didn't net a fish, knocked off a fish, or got "skunked" with no fish.  The number of times that they had to
hear the song depended upon the severity of the "goof up".  They also played it after docking, if it was a
"white-knuckle" landing.  Soon it became "Oh, No!  Not Tollycraft, Tollycraft!".

If you would like to hear the entire song please click the song title below.

Tollycraft, Tollycraft Take Me Away


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